Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flu Season

This is the last time you will see us here for a while:
It seems everywhere I look I hear "Swine Flu" or just "Flu". I am a nut when it comes to germs. Really I am!

My mother in law is a nurse at Cook Children's. They've hit record numbers so early on in the flu season. Here are some tips to stay well.

  • Start eating yogurt with active cultures. The regular yoplait with the red lid is just as good as the Dan active. Most yogurts have active cultures.

  • Take multi vitamins every day. Store brands are fine.

  • Cut out some caffeinated drinks and drink more water. Flush your system and keep it hydrated.

  • Wash, wash, wash your hands. Use anti-bacteria sanitizer if you can't wash your hands.

  • Stay away from play places with lots of kids.

  • Most important get your regular flu shot.

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Amy said...

I haven't my kids to the LT gym childcare in a while - Preston's been fighting pink eye. Are you still taking your kids there? Do you know their sanitation process?

I'm a freakshow too about germs. I have bleach wipes in my purse - wipe down everything.

My little one won't eat yogurt, so I got them some chewable ones. Also have them on vitamin D chewables - most kids are vit D deficient and leaves them vulnerable for illness. The other thing I'm giving is elderberry syrup - mixed in juice or milk. It's a natural anti-viral, like echinacea.

Here's to good health!

Amy said...

chewable probiotics, that is...instead of yogurt :)

rebecca said...

Stay away from places with lots of kids? Yikes! What of the teachers? My doctor told me that the flu, in general, is very serious and kills x amount of people each year and we never hear about it. It just seems that the swine flu has gotten more coverage for some reason but he doesn't believe it's any worse than any other flu. I think people should remember that because the media hypes it up so much it's causing a lot of panic. Nonetheless, the points you make here on how to avoid it (if one can) are excellent and it's something that should be followed each year.

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Sorry I’m VERY late getting back to you but hey better late than never right? I set some time aside this weekend to go through and answer some of the questions people left in their comments on my blog. Anyhoo in my Fall candle review you asked where I got my candle holder.......
Have you ever been to Sample House? It’s full of all things candles and home d├ęcor. They can be a little pricy on some things by very reasonable on others. I usually go there to stock up on candles. That’s where I found my little candle caddy (I like to call it). It was made to fit the Tyler Candle Company candles (which are also great candles), but I use it for others as well.

Hope you and the fam are doing good and have a wonderful weekend.

Michelle said...

All yogurt has active cultures,true, but DanActive has a strain that isn't in any other yogurts (L.casei). You can research it and you'll find that it specifically helps with immune systems. We eat both 'regular'yogurt and danactive. I also really push high vit A & C fruits and veggies, not just multivitamins. Lots of oranges, broccoli and berries.

Okay, enough talk from me. Wishing you and your family good health!

Aimee said...

You should have seen all of the hand sanitizer out at the State fair! I love that! I wish it was always available in public places like that not just when there is a flu outbreak.