Sunday, July 5, 2009

Menu Monday

Before my weekly menu I have to show you my family on the 4th! We had a great day with a family swim party followed by the fireworks.
Let me share my menu:
Monday: Grill Burgers and Tator Tot's
Tuesday: Left over Brisket Sandwiches and chips
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Homemade Meatballs - I haven't used this recipe in a while
Thursday: Left over meatballs in an Italian sub (Husbands old college favorite)
Friday: Pizza and a movie night. I think I will pick up $5 Little Caesar's Pizza.

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Ashlee McCrary said...

If you have a Cici's in your area, they're havin a deal now with 3 medium pizzas for $10-any toppings! I got some last wk so I assume it's still goin on...

joelle said...

Okay - your family is adorable! How tall is your hubby? I love to see tall hubbies and short wives - My husband is 6'6 and I am only 5'2

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Sounds like quite the tasty menu! I'll have to try your meatball recipe. They are WAY popular around here! Enjoy your week.