Thursday, July 9, 2009

Frugal Fog???

No coupons, a few coupons, money flying out the door, summer vacations, play dates, swimming, sunburns, naps, and fun. My summer is absolutely flying by! We are having a great time but my blogging is suffering. I hope you all don't mind my not so regular blogging schedule this summer.

Do you feel like your frugal skills are flying out the door during the summer? Mine sure have. Honestly I get to the point where I am tired of spending money.... period. I don't even want to go to the grocery store. With 3 kids at home and eating for 5 the bills add up. My quiet time for coupon cutting has dwindled. All I can do it make a list and hope for a sale.

This photo of little miss explains how I feel

Let me know.... are you my frugal friends suffering from the frugal fog?

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Griffith Family said...

You are so right! Summertime means that deals don't always conincide with husband's vacation time, etc. And the heat is horrible for keeping things on track. Answer- you do the best you can! We have declared several days "pajama days" and spend the day home doing things we've put off like organizing. My children have even discovered the joy of a clean room! To me, that is progress.

Trina said...

Thankfully I have enough of a stockpile that I can just make a trip for basics once a week now. That should get me thru the summer! I don't go to CVS and Walgreens as much as I used to.

FalkFamily said...

Absolutely - I can't stand to spend money and especially on groceries! I'm trying, but it seems like I keep running to Target for diapers, etc and end up with a cart load of stuff I didn't really need :( I need an invisible fence to keep me out of there!

Stacia Howard said...

Very true!
It seems summer has really taken it's toal on our wallet as well. And I totally understand about spending money, even on food! I swear the cashier has to pry the money from my hands.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

She is adorable!!

kelly said...

I agree. I work as a school nurse and I am off for the summer. I love spending the time with my children, but I always want to pack in every activity we don't get to do during the school year. this can get expensive.