Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bloggy Break

This week we've got lots to do for our big trip to Vienna, Austria. I will be in and out blogging the next couple weeks.

I've got some really great posts coming when I get back so stay tuned!

If you don't mind will you please say a prayer for me and my family to have a safe trip. I am afraid of flying and an 11 hour flight.... ahhh!

Have you visited Austria before? If so I would love any tips, dining suggestions or comments.

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melissa said...

Austria! How fun!

Griffith Family said...

What a great adventure! Will pray for your family and this big adventure. My husband travels on big trips around the world and does some "prep" things to get ready. Don't know if it would work for kids, but definitely for the growups. Try to get on the Austria time a day or two before your trip. Stay up extra, extra late and be sleep deprived when you get on the plane. Benadryl is your friend.

Lindsay said...

Omg! I didn't know you were going to Austria!? So cool!!! Have blast and goodluck!

Murry Mayhem said...

How fun for y'all! Will definitely pray for a safe trip! Have fun!