Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wasteless Wednesday- Shopping Spree

Last night were sitting together after the news and here come the lotto numbers: 7 yes, 49, yes, 54 yes, 28 yes, 31 yes. WE WON THE LOTTERY!!!! So you know what that means I am heading to Central Market with no coupons and no grocery list, then to Nordstrom to get those $200 jeans I've been looking at for 4 years, then I will head to the Lexus dealership to get the 2009 LX, it is only $75K no big deal right?

Really!!! No.... April Fool's . I had to do something a little silly. Honestly if I did win the lotto I would go buy those jeans but at the Nordstrom outlet.... after all I am Frugal Jen and even a lottery winning would not change that :)
Now tell me if you won the lottery what splurge would you want to purchase? Let's indulge ourselves today.....
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Three under Three said...

I'd get granite kitcken counter tops lol. I mistakenly thought I was getting them when we were building our house, until I saw how much those bad boys cost!

Jenny said...

I'd buy boobies and a tummy tuck too for that matter:) Then i'd also use my new found money to speed through a series of international adoptions so I could get to my 4 kids but still have a fabulous )paid for) body:)

Lindsay said...

hahahaha you fooled me! :)

I'd buy a beach house and quit my job!

Jackie said...

I was about to be really happy for you! Too bad it's not true!

If I won the lottery, I'd buy a home on the ocean...somewhere nice (well, anywhere on the ocean is nice, right?) I'd definitely go shopping, but I'm with you...I'd still probably be frugal. I always see those people on What not to Wear and think " They would hate me on that show because I would REFUSE to spend that much on a skirt!" (Not that they wouldn't put me on the show in a minute!)

Angela said...

I fell for it! I was so happy for you!

I would hire a carpenter to finish up all the little things around our house that haven't gotten finished since our remodel.

I would pay off our house.

Trina said...

I'd love to have a beach house and a Prius. :)