Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thrifty Thursday- House Smell?

I like my house to smell great, all the time. Something about walking through the door and a whiff of a yummy smell, so welcoming. Somehow it makes me think my house is always clean.

If money was no option I could spent hundreds a month on expensive candles, warmers, plug ins and other junk. What are my favorite smelly frugal products?

  • Glade Plug-in's - I can always find some of coupon for Glade. I've used the Vanilla smell and now that it is spring I am rotating to the Hawaiian Breeze.

  • Candles- Wal-mart carries inexpensive and highly effective candles. Try the candlelite brand. I discovered the Coconut Lime smell. It is EXACTLY like the Bath and Body works coconut lime verbena which is $20. The wal-mart one is only $5.

  • More Candles- Kirklands in my opinion has the best candles. The jars are about $7 and they last at least a month. When the candle gets low about 1/4 left I stop burning it and put on my candle warmer.

Candles always make a nice gift for a female co-worker, friend or relative. Yes, my friends often receive candles as gifts. A great place to find discount boutique candles for gifts is Ross and Tuesday Morning.

When I want to splurge on a candle I purchase... Tyler Candles in Vanilla Rumba. I will purchase the votives and melt in my candle warmer as a frugal alternative to the big candle jars.

What is your favorite home candle scent? My all time favorite is the cake smell.

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Anonymous said...

I like vanilla-y smells.

Alicia said...

My all time favorite is Tyler Candles Goldleaves...and the runner up is Circle E's Birds of Paradise

Casi said...

I'm a huge fan of Wal-Mart's pineapple fusion right now. It permeated the room with a light, non-intrusive smell...

FalkFamily said...

I love the Wal Mart candles (especially the black cherry). I also really like Yankee Rosemary Mint from their spa line.

Aimee said...

I love the sugar cookie and birthday cake candles from Kohl's! They often run them on sale for 50% off and I almost always have another coupon to use with it.

Laurie said...

It's not too frugal, but I absolutely LOVE Tyler Candles! DIVA--number one, PARIS--number two!:)

Stacia Howard said...

I love the cake smells, birds of paradise is always a good one as well.
I just blogged about finding the BEST candles in the most unlikely of places, Goodwill! My local Goodwills sell candles made by the disable and my goodness they smell divine! I walked past my front door (it was shut) and I could smell the candle outside! They are super cheap at $3.49 each! So, if your local Goodwill sells them pick them up!

Charity said...

I use the glade coupons too to stock up. I like to go to Hobby Lobby when candles are half off and get the jar ones. They are really good and last a long time! I also get the sachets and empty them into my mini crock pot... it smells up the whole house!