Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wasteless Wednesday- Are you ready?

It seems everywhere I look I see SWINE FLU. As a mother of 3 children yes it worries me. We live in Texas and Mexico is right next door. I saw on our local news an elementary school was closed up a few cities north of us.

So what is my point? It reminds me to be prepared, illness with children are common and it happens to all of us even if it's the common cold.

My #1 Tip is keep a medicine cabinet or basket up to date. Check for old and expired medication throw it out. Once you use up the below medication make sure you pick up more the next week even if everyone is well.

You will thank yourself at 3 am when your child wakes up with a fever and vomiting. No late night trips to Wally World.
  1. Keep extra prescription medication on hand (for us asthma med's for little miss)

  2. Always have ibuprofen or Tylenol for adults and children. Here is a coupon for $2 off Tylenol

  3. Keep Stomach over the counter medication like Pepto or Tum's in the medicine cabinet. Here is a free sample of Prilosec to keep handy.

  4. Have an extra bottle of electrolyte drink (Pedilyte) for the kids. When someone has the throw-ups it is hard to leave the house to pick some up. I also keep can's of Sprite in the fridge in the garage. That always calms my upset stomach. I also found this recipe online for Homemade Pedilyte : Stir together all of the following ingredients:2 quarts water,1-teaspoon baking soda,1-teaspoon salt, 7 Tablespoons sugar,1 packet Sugar-Free Kool-Aid

  5. Stock up on crackers, granola bars and can goods when they are on sale. Those are the gentle foods and easy to make when your family has illness.

  6. Have an old school thermometer, remember the one's with mercury inside? Those always work and don't need batteries. (If you ask your doctor should give you a free one)
So next time your child is on mother induced bed rest you will be able to pull out your mommy medical bag and make everything better :)

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Griffith Family said...

Great tips! The other school in the metroplex is about 10 miles from our house. Scary. Also, my husband has a trip scheduled to Mexico in late May/early June. I'm praying that his company has a change of plans by then.

You are one prepared Mama!

Aimee said...

And don't forget to always take a thermometer and some ibuprofen with you when you travel...we have learned that the hard way!

Trina said...

Great tips! I've had a sick little one this week myself. But she refuses to take medicine so we just tough it out.