Monday, April 13, 2009

Menu Monday & Easter Showoff

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I am a proud mom so I have to show off my kids in their Easter best. Their wardrobe was provided by Nana (thank you!) She buys them Easter clothes each year as a special treat. The girls love pink and Dude Man... not so much. He pitched a huge fit when he realized his shirt was pink. Here is how the morning went:

Dude Man: I am NOT wearing that shirt. Why can't I wear my blue one like dad? But mom... ahhhhh.... pink is for girls... ahhhh. Tell Nana I don't wear pink.
Frugal Jen Mom: Let's think the shirt is light red ok?
Dude Man: OK mom... it's not pink it's light red then. I still don't like it. I will wear it but I won't like it.

Can you tell in this photo he is starting to dig the pink shirt ahem ... I mean light red shirt?

Now on to the Menu Monday. Posh Josh is doing some traveling.. do you see any changes in our menu?
Monday: McDonald's
Tuesday: Sandwiches or Mac and Cheese
Wednesday: Nacho's and easy guac
My easy guacamole:
2 cold ripe avocado's - remove skin and mash
1/2 cup Pace medium salsa
Mix them together and enjoy this yummy green goodness!
Thursday: Frozen Pizza - Tony's was on sale
Friday: Out to eat, Posh Josh choice

PS: This week I have some frugal home decorating projects to complete! Fun!!!

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glam R baby said...

SO CUTE!!! Its so funny that he had such an opinion about the pink shirt!! xoxo