Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Custom cakes from bakery's can be really expensive. A 1/4 sheet cake at Target runs $22 with a custom design. At our birthday parties we need at least a half a sheet. So what is our cost savings tip? Cupcakes!

My mom bought this fabulous cupcake tower (on sale for $10). I've used it so many times. I even put muffins for showers and corn bread cupcakes for entertaining.

I've found so many sites for cute cupcakes. Check them out and

Total cost for my cupcake tower $2!! I watch the grocery ad's and purchase the mixes when they are on sale for $1. Then when it is party time I pull the mixes out of the pantry.

Extra tip I substitute applesauce for oil. Keeps the cake moist and saves the calories!

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Tonja said...

I love the cupcake idea! I was going to make a cake for my hubby's birthday...but I decided cupcakes were better for everyone! Now I am on the hunt for a cupcake stand...

Jenny said...

Who doesn't love a cupcake!! hope all is well...I missed reading the Tuesday and Wednesday frugal greatness:)

Melissa said...

Cupcakes are fabulous! I actually made some super cute ones from a book I purchased last spring called Hello Cupcake. Checkout - it's really a great book with so many cute and easy ideas to jazz up your cupcakes. On my blog I have pictures, but I'm not sure if I can link to them or not. Check out my May 13, 2008 post if you want to see. I sure enjoy your blog! :-)

McMommy said...

I'm pretty sure that frosted cupcakes are the key to happiness and peace on earth.

Love your tip about the applesauce! I'm going to try that next time!