Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - Get Carded

I love to get carded when I get rewarded!

FREE Frequent Shopper Program with Saver Cards- save some money by signing up for these programs. I simply took a look in my wallet to find lots of savings.... yes my wallet is fat!!

CVS Extra Care- 2% rebate on in store and online purchases. Get extra bucks. Many other frugal blogs do lots of CVS shopping. I am just learning about this. My blog friend Lindsay has this down, check out her frugal blog. (yes our blog names are similar... what can I say great minds think a like)

Office Depot- 1% back on most purchases. 10% back on ink, toner and printing services. We use this card for my husband's business expenses. We get a gift card every quarter for at least $15

Staples Rewards- get rebates similar to Office Depot. Earn 10% back in rebates for ink, paper and toner. (I don't have this one after seeing my OD card I thought I would check for you Staple customers)

AMC Theaters- The movie watcher program you can earn points for movie ticket purchases and get points for snacks or tickets.

Restaurant Cards- one of our favorite local restaurants (La Hacienda) has a punch card you get a punch each time you visit. Then after so many punches you get a free entree up to $20. Check around at some of your local favorites and see if they have frequent diner programs. Our local Cici's pizza also has punch cards.

Kid to Kid- this franchised resale shop has punch cards for purchases. When you reach the end of the card you get $5 or a certain percentage off of your next purchase.

Starbucks - they have a reward program you can sign up for with a gift card. They give you special rewards when you make a purchase with a gift card. (Many other local coffee shops have reward punch cards for frequent customers, ask next time you are in)

Grocery Store Cards- almost every grocery store has a frequent shopper card. I have at least 3 in my wallet. I always use, if you don't have a card expect to pay more.

Best Buy - I forgot about this one until last night... my wonderful husband came home with a Wii for the family. Photos coming soon.... Total splurge but it was worth it. The kids were up at 6:30 am ready to play. Join this program for rebates on dollars spent.

Did I miss a reward program? Leave a comment and tell me your favorite reward card program!

PS.... one of my bloggy friends April is having a giveaway on her blog for a custom wooden sign. Take a look and enter.

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Jenny said...

We'd be up for helping fill up our La hacienda cards...we have one too and I LOVE THAT PLACE!! We should have a family dinner soon!

Lindsay said...

Great tips! And thanks for the shout out! Another tip that might be helpful - if you're traveling and you go to a grocery store that you don't have a card for, they will scan a courtesy card for you 99% of the time. You just have to ask! :)