Friday, March 27, 2009

Freebie Friday & Birthday Wish

I have a special birthday wish to my oldest daughter today.
Happy Birthday Sweet Kate!!

My friend Brandi is a photographer B4 Photography, she is very popular in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area. We were very lucky to have her do a photo shoot of Kate. Take a look at her website. If you are looking for a FABULOUS photographer Brandi is your girl. She does amazing professional high quality work. Check her out

Birthday Freebies we've received :

On to the Freebie's of the week:

Free sample of forest oils- if my allergies would not go crazy with the smell of fresh cut wood I'd have it in the mail.

Free Zyrtec sample- speaking of allergies, this is a great allergy medication. I used it for years. So maybe I will get a sample of the oil...

Free Bake Sale Starter Kit- this is a great freebie for mom's. It seems that every group or school does a bake sale. Good way to start :)

Free Cottonelle Sample- this is my favorite TP. I normally by Scott Ultra Plush but I am always looking for Cottonelle coupons.

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Griffith Family said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Oh my gosh, those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So pretty!!

Jenny said...

It is hard to believe you own a pre-teen...happy Birthday Kate!

Lisa said...

What beautiful pictures. I love the contrast!

Aimee said...

Tell Kate we said Happy Birthday!! I LOVE the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks mom!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!


McMommy said...

First of all...OMG, those pics of your daughter are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Secondly, your daughter commented??!?!?
My heart skipped a beat and eagerly awaits the day I see a comment on my blog from one of my sons!!!

Ashley said...

Wow! Great pictures!