Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesdays Tip

I don't know about you but every year I start out with the same resolution, loose weight or not gain weight. Take a look at my family blog I completely fell off the bandwagon yesterday :(

What I find is lower cal and fresher ingredients are more expensive at the grocery store but not more expensive at your locals farmers market.

If you have a local farmers market take a look around and visit and make part of your weekly shopping routine for your fresh veggies (if cheaper).

I need your help fellow frugal readers, I am looking for great low fat recipes and tips that help you stay fit. Any great products you think work great?


Griffith Family said...

Sprouts is the key to fresh veggies at a cheaper price.

Killing the sugar yearning helps too. It's so addictive. I fight this daily.

Also, sleeping. If you don't get enough, you will gain weight as your body gets "confused" with not enough recovery time. Hence, why most new moms can't shed the weight quickly in the beginning.

Frugal Jen said...

I love Sprouts that is one of our favorite stores and the prices are so great!

I like that, I think I need more sleep.

Lindsay said...

Have you ever used It's pretty cool and has a lot of ideas and things. Totally free. Check it out!

I need to get all these sweet things out of my house!!!!

Audrianne said...

Here's a great idea for a healthy, yummy breakfast:

Cook steel-cut oatmeal as directed (usually takes about 20 minutes - I make extra to heat up throughout the week). Mix with any type of berry (whatever's in season or thaw frozen berries). One packet of Splenda on top and you have a hot, healthy, delicious (and inexpensive) breakfast. This is my absolute favorite breakfast now!

Instead of bread, buy whole-wheat pita or naan - extra fiber and less calories -and more interesting than bread.

Also - find great lowfat, healthy recipes at

In 2007, I lost 28 lbs. and 21 inches - and have kept every bit of it off. The trick is to find healthy things you like to eat - variety is good! I am not a person that can be hungry.