Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesdays Tip

Don't order out, make your own pizza. About once week usually Friday nights we have MYOP that is was we call it. We all sit in the living room with our pizza and watch a movie. The kids LOVE it! It is very fun to make. You can have thin crust or deep dish, we each put our favorites on our pizzas. I love cheese and jalapeno, my husband loves pepperoni and pineapple. The kids like pepperoni and cheese. For around $10 we can make 5 pizza's custom made to order. (As you can see I am still waiting for the new countertops)

The Ingredients for our 5 custom pizza's.
Will making his own pizza, he loves it!


The Lansford Family said...

So they make pizza dough crust in those same cans that you make rolls with? I've never seen such a thing, I'm so excited now:)

Maroney's said...

Okay "the lansfor family" is actually me...adrien:) I was designing their blog and used my blog that shows clients how it will look...whoops.

Frugal Jen said...

We buy the pizza dough can's. You can make little mini pizza's out of the big biscuits and flatten them. Those are very yummy too!

Suzanne said...

we do the mini pizzas a lot w/ biscuits! I love that you do it every week!!

I haven't forgotten about your picture!