Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Item on "Want List"

To start off the post here is a photo of my current counter tops. We've done a lot of updating with this house but the light teal blue doesn't match the warm colors we've updated to. Can't you just see shinny granite and a slate back splash?
We went out this weekend to do some comparison shopping for my big item on my "want list" the granite counter tops. Here is some of my tips:
  • Look and price the alternatives, pro's and con's.
  • Check out Lowe's and Home Depot they will give you some free kitchen designing booklets to help you in your search
  • Get at least 3 estimates! No less. You can use them to negotiate for a lower price.
  • Make a list of any other items that need to be upgraded when you do this project. Example: new sink, faucet, stove top, vent hood, back splash. Add those costs in to the project cost.
  • Slowly update the appliances. We are changing out the appliances from white to stainless steel. As you can see from the photo we did the big item the fridge. We negotiated a floor model when they were getting rid of last years models. We got it 40% off the asking price!
  • Eliminate surprise costs and know exactly what to budget for.

Our update: Well we are still in the planning stage and really l0oking at which material we want to use. This is a big purchase for the kitchen and most expensive upgrade.


Griffith Family said...

Have you checked Seconds and Surplus (there's one in Richardson)? Also, if you use a contractor to do it they probably have some good connections too. Oh, I agree your lovely kitchen demands those new countertops!

Frugal Jen said...

I haven't heard of that store. I need to check it out! I look forward to the day I can post the after photos. I think I will sleep on my countertops I will be so excited!

emilypfaff said...

One of my clients used this place.
They were satisfied and said they were really reasonable. Just FYI.

Frugal Jen said...

Thank you Emily! I requested a free quote.

Frugal Jen said...

I spoke to the Rock Countertops! There price was so much better, we will get them sooner than expected! Thank you!!!