Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Burgers

On a lighter note.... my last post was pretty heavy. Thank you for your great comments. I feel very passionate about raising good daughters, I've got 3 of them.

Here in North Texas we've been lucky with some summer like weather.

Yesterday it was 83! Crazy for mid-January.

When the temperatures rise.... it's grill time!

I discovered some wonderful burger seasoning. It's only $1 and it's AMAZING!

I've tried all kinds of burger recipes but nothing beats this seasoning pack.

It's super easy, just mix in with 1 pound of ground beef and make into patties then grill.

I HATE the feel of mixin up raw meat so I always wear disposable plastic gloves.


This isn't my photo but sure looks ready for a summer grilling party!

If you don't have warm temps don't worry you can broil burgers in your oven or put in a frying pan. Still good just missing a bit of the smoky flavor.

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