Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Must Read for Moms, My Eyes are Open


MOMS please read!! It's time your eyes were opened. I was shocked to learn.

Let's talk ladies, candidly. This has nothing to do with being frugal or fabulous just an honest mom to mom talk, heart to heart.

I'm a 30 something mom of 3 girls. Back in the early 90's I enjoyed teen magazines such as TEEN and Seventeen. They had pop quizzes, make up and fashion tips. When the topic of sex was brought up it was all about waiting and abstinence.

Well it's 2012 and its changed. Don't be naive about what your daughters are looking at and reading. This is a copy of a Cosmo cover. Because of copyright I won't show the label.

UMMMM, yeah..... completely inappropriate even for me a 34 year old women.

This sure sounds pornographic to me. Since when has the V word and sex tips become mainstream available right at the check out lane. No black cover just for our young girls and boy to see at the grocery lane.

Our girls are bombarded with the same message by the media, let's review:

Pop stars: Lady Gaga, read this She's way worse than Madonna ever was. They all tell the kids the same thing, sex is great and do it with whoever and wherever. When was the last time you saw a music video, I'll recap orgy's, sex and more sex. It's not the same MTV (except if your watching Taylor Swift she's the one exception).

The internet: have you ever checked your google searches. An innocent word can bring up porn. Most kids get Internet on their phone. My teen has seen all kinds of things at school on other people's phones. Youtube is a kids favorite. Does your child have a computer in a public space or a private one with Internet in their room. Have you ever checked their Internet history. It's porn at their fingertips. I'm not even going into sexting.

TV: The most popular network TV shows are :Glee (features openly gay characters and shows making out of same sex, not to mention the complete disrespect of adults by minors) Modern Family (A happy gay couple raising a child, a young sexy mom married to an unattractive older man, and a dysfunctional heterosexual couple (the only natural couple is a mess go figure) America's Got Talent (has recently brought on Howard Stern as a judge, that was considered a family show that has gotten edgier each season from a little opera star to a male pole dancer in drag) Let's just say The Bachelor looks family friendly compared to these shows.

With all the forces against us how are we to raise good moral girls? Even if your a mother on the more liberal scale do you want your daughter sexually active at a young age with multiple partners? The media world says it's ok. If it feels good do it. Don't think your elementary girls don't see this too. Moms, were not stupid

Your daughters and sons are in your home need the moral compass to be set. If you don't tell them the truth and be open look what the world will tell them. It might be hard and you WILL have resistance but it's your responsibility. God intrusted YOU to raise your kids. Even if you avoid the consequences now you will be held accountable at some point.

Moms, we must put a stop to the smut and teach our girls they are beautiful and worthy. They are not sex toys and objects. The world wants a baseball or basketball to have more purpose then our daughters to these young boys.

I found a wonderful site to help do something. Check out Project inspired.

MOMS I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE!!! Church attendance is up and so many proclaim to be Christian. Please raise your voice and teach your daughters right. Don't think your daughter isn't involved and doesn't see this. She does it's EVERYWHERE!

You can do it, spend some time in quiet reflection and think about what you say and do. Who does your child spend the most time with. Do they have the same ideals, rules, expectations.

Think about it and say a little pray for your eyes to be open and for God to give you the graces you need to be a good mother. Most of all love your children and show them pure love.


Jenny said...

Amen! It terrifies me to rear a little girl. Even at 4 some of the clothes you can buy are questionable. Who sexualizes a 4year old. UGH. And you forgot toddlers and tiaras...there is a whole different blog post there:)Good job friend! You're a mom I look up to!

emily said...

I'm due with my first child, a boy, in April. I'm already worried how we'll raise him with our morals etc when the world constantly sends the opposite message.

I guess I'll be saying lots of prayers over the next 18 years!!

Great post!

April said...

I agree 100%. What I find scary is when I see other families at church who think this stuff is ok, and their daughters come to church camp (where I dorm mom every summer) in skimpy 2 peice swim suits, and they allow dating at age 12 or 13, and they allow all kids of music, movies, tv shows in their home because "I trust my child".....whats trust got to do with it?? How about setting the example and guidance and be a parent instead of trying to "be their friend" and let them "be cool" and "fit in with their peers"

Lindsey said...

Awesome post! I've thought about this subject tons lately b/c I'm about to have my first girl. XO

Cindy said...

How wonderful to see so many young Mom's taking up arms against today's societies lack of morals. Stick to your guns ladies and lean on the Lord! Great post!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

This is a wonderful post, Jen. I applaud you for your stand. I get so frustrated when I see the message being presented to our kids. Thank you for writing this.

Katie said...

Holy cow, that's a TEEN magazine cover?!? So sad :( I don't have a huge problem with "vagina" on the cover (I wish my mom had been more open in talking about girlie stuff and made it seem okay to be aware of our bodies, not ashamed), but I have a HUGE problem with the sex topic. Funny you should mention TV shows -- I was watching the Family channel the other day and was SHOCKED by some of the shows on there! I didn't see anything "family" about it. SO makes me wonder what will be "accepted" when my baby is a teen. Scary to even think about!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this topic's a scary world out there! I just recently pulled my daughter out of Girl Scouts because of their partnership with Planned Parenthood ( and in case you're interested in reading more. We can't be too careful these days. As Christians we have a duty to raise our children in a way that is pleasing to God and society seems to be our worst enemy. It's refreshing to know that there are other mom's out there that take these things as seriously as I do. Thanks again for the post.

Alicia {Murry Mayhem} said...

okay, so I'm a little behind in blog reading! You know I'm behind you 100%

It breaks my heart and totally disgusts me that parents think it's okay to allow their kids to watch/see the things that are out in open display now. I'm sure as a parent I miss some of what Caroline sees and hears, but I do try my hardest to shield her from it.

It literally made me ill when I had to sit her down not long ago and explain to her what a "period" was at 8 years old...and why did I have to? Because of schoolmates. I'm all for being open with her about her body and what's to come. But to have to go back and tell her that all the things she heard were wrong and try to make her more comfortable about changes really ticked me off. All because parents let their kids watch age inappropriate tv and movies.

I am very thankful for the group of families we are friends with, families with the same values and morals as we have. I know when she's with them that I can trust what she will see or here. In fact, I had to end a few of those after going over with her to play with some friends. And I don't regret it one single bit!

I love that you advocate for your kids, Jen. I'm so proud of the mom that you are, the one that honors, loves and protects her kids!

Me said...

Just found your blog. Wonderful post. As a mom of 2 little girls, it really hit home!