Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mother Natures Before and After

When we purchased our country home we made our decision based on the potential of the property.

If the house and land were 100% perfect it would have been way out of our price range.

My husband and I took a risk and in one area it paid off! The best part this improvement didn't cost a thing.

This was our pond when we bought the house. Completely bone dry.

Can you even see it?

It looks like a hill. This is a photo I took this morning. It's full! I couldn't get too close because of all the rain. The total size of the pond is about an acre. It's about 5 ft deep at this point.
I'm very excited after several good rains to have our pond holding water. This is the major reason we picked this property.

We had visions of a little paddle boat and the kids fishing in our backyard.

I'm like a kid on Christmas morning! I was so excited last night when it kept raining and raining.


Brekke said...

That's really neat! I'd love to have a pond in the backyard.

The house I lived on growing up used to have some "ponds" pop after a hurricane or a crazy summer of rain. My favorites memories were my Dad paddling my brother and I around our yard :)

Carrie said...


Gauger Family said...

Awesome! Very cool!!

April said...

cool! We have two large ponds in the back pasture, and one very small come and go small pond in the front. The back 2 we stock with fish. The front one is more decrotive, and even if it is empty it has cattails and plenty of frogs...