Thursday, September 23, 2010

OUTRAGED!! Similac Recall

UPDATE 9/29 Abbott Labs the makers of Similac has handled the recall with our issue very well. Within 48 hours of Caroline being removed from the bad formula she's been doing much better. The customer service has handled it professionally and promptly, although I am still mad about the issue in the first place.

As I am up at Caroline's 3am feeding a early news program reports the massive recall of Similac Infant formula. Seems that beetle parts and beetle larvae has been found. WHAT? They show a photo of the similac sensitive formula I use.

I go to the website and sure enough the 3 large bins I purchased at Costco are in the recall. At least $90 worth of formula to throw out.

It's not a money issue it's my daughters safety. Remember we've been battling a stomach issue that won't go away for over a week. Even a trip to the ER. All I can think is the formula. A week ago I even called Similac a week ago regarding our sudden feeding issue when we had to switch to Allimentum then back to the Sensitive.

So now it's 4am I have NO formula to feed my daughter. They say the ready made liquid is not effected. So I will get some of that. I'm a little scared to get in the car and go to Wal-Mart this early. I will head out at 6 am. I've got to beat the rush. I have a feeling the stores will soon be out of the only substitutes available.

If I ever have another child I will push through and breastfeed. This just proves to me infant formula cannot be 100% safe. I'm just very, very, very angry and mad.

I'm currently on hold at 4am with Abbot Labs


Lost in Translation said...

I am actually pretty impressed by the companies reaction. This was a optional recall. The FDA said the formula was no danger, they did the recall themselves because it did not meet their performance requirements, for me that seems proactive on the companies part.

Sure better then the places that wait or ignore warnings and complaints.

Though it is an inconvenience none-the-less. YOu should be able to get your money back or replacements at no cots.

Jennjilla said...

I just heard about this last night and was so disgusted!

I think I'm going to try BFing now...I wasn't before, but after this its worth a shot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I have been following your blog for a few months, but haven't commented before. I am also extremely upset about the Similac recall. I just had my fifth child in early August. I had a very, very difficult time bfing my other children and decided to do formula this time. I really regret it now. I found out the formula we have on hand has been recalled. It just sickens me!! I am so sorry for the stomach issues that Caroline is having!

Photos by Susan Nunn said...

I am so sorry you and Caroline are going through this issue, I can only imagine the undo stress this has brought to your family.

Keep us all posted.

Murry Mayhem said...

I can't even tell you how much I feel for you...this is awful! I'm so sorry you are having to deal with tummy issues and this recall!

Pnutservr said...

I follow your blog and had to comment. My little one has been screaming in pain for hours the past few days. Found out about the recall yesterday afternoon, called the dr, and switched formula immediately. He slept great last night without any tummy troubles. Target offered my money back (they still had it on their shelves!) but dr advised waiting to turn in bad formula for a few days in case Ian doesn't get better. It is crazy how insects got into the formula!!! Couldn't even get through to similac phone lines

Rebecca O said...

My youngest was breastfeed and formula (Similac) and this post doesn't really pertain to me at this time...but when I read this I realized why I saw a lady at Walmart last night trying to return two things of Similac formula. Now I know why. Thanks for sharing...I don't have cable and had no idea about the recall.

Similac Team said...

If you're having trouble getting through to our Similac recall consumer hotline, we have added a new, additional phone # for you: 888-376-2054. Please give us a call, 24/7. We'd like to hear from you! ~Similac Team

Jeanne said...

I am really going to put fuel in this fire but I have to say it. We really need to be mad at the marketing machine that is Infant Formula.