Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ER Trip & Hand Sanitizer

Last night we made a trip to the children's emergency room at the downtown hospital. Little Caroline has had a stomach bug and it decided to come back. We went at the Dr's request, she was concerned it was not just a stomach virus but a serious stomach condition, plus her breathing was off and thought it might be the dreaded RSV.

We got there and it's amazing how fast they move along a baby. We didn't get anywhere near other sick kids we were in isolation. They did IV fluids and a sonogram to check her intestines and stomach and her breathing was monitored. All clear, except we saw a ton of gas bubbles. Turns out she doesn't have reflux just a gassy tummy. One issue solved. I've got to switch bottles

So the verdict, a stomach virus just as we initially thought. Which brings me to:
I've got to do a better job keeping little hands and people away from Caroline. I posted a while back we weren't going to get out much well, that's impossible with 3 other children highly involved in activities. Who was I kidding? I can't live in a bubble so I'm going to take extra precautions.

I was asked to review this 6 hour hand sanitizer last week from mom select. I couldn't think of a better time for us. Let me tell you this is all I will buy now. 6 hours! Check it out . I was given 10 bottles so I will be passing them out to our close friends and family who come in frequent contact with her. I also put a bottle in each of the kids school bag.
Little Caroline with the bottle and her "Don't touch me sign". My church friend Melanie picked up this hang tag, she's a NICU nurse. Thank you!


Aimee said...

Oh no! Poor Caroline!

I'm reviewing the outlast hand sanitizer too. :) 6 hrs! I like that. I'm giving one away on my blog if you want to win another one. :)

amwz photography said...

holy cow, Jen!! I hope all is well with you! We will keep you all in my prayers..
it was so good seeing you yesterday! can't wait to see you again!

Heather said...

She is such a cutie...My daughter was born 5 weeks ealry and was in the NICU. We have the same sign hanging from her car seat carrier too...even 6 months later. It is amazing though the people that it has stopped from touching her. So funny to see them runnning over ready to touch all over and then stop to read the sign and then they just touch her toes...wish I would have had it for our other 2 kids too. Glad that she is doing good though.

Jenny said...

Awe sweet Caroline....I still need to drop by her gift! I'm doing the outlast giveaway too...even without a new baby the stuff is amazing! I'm a total convert! Much love and many prayers for sleep and peace and easy days:)

Milla & her mommy said...

Poor Caroline! I'm so sorry! If you've noticed I haven't held her at ballet because I know I carry all my kiddos germies. I miss holding her though. :( Love you guys! Stay well! Where can you buy that stuff?

Amy said...

When Bergen was a baby I was hellbent on keeping him from getting the flu. He had very mild RSV and the flu at 9 months, but I don't do flu shots because of the 25mcg of mercury and I didn't know how sensitive he would be to all of that mercury with his bad skin and allergies. I just hosed Preston down with anti-bac all the time. I keep a bottle in the car and we "lube up" (as I call it) the second we get in the car or right before we go anywhere to eat. We taught his Sunday School class - his only socialization at the time - and I lubed up those kids 3 times an hour while they were in with us. Verdict? No flu that year. Make sure your older ones are changing their clothes after school and take shoes off at the door. Clothes harbor lots of germs. Here's to a healthy winter for you guys!

MELANIE said...

Poor little Caroline! Hang in there! She looks adorable with her little sign and sanitizer :)