Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Monday and Weight Loss

After months of bedrest and meal help from wonderful friends. We are completely back to my own cooking. The only difference is the new and improved healthy menu. I've cut out high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and most processed foods. Let me share this weeks menu.

Monday: Sandwiches Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins, Deli Turkey, Deli American Cheese (it tastes so much better from the deli than the little packages... no preservatives a plus), lettuce, tomato's, sliced avocado's and a dash of Italian dressing. You can put this on the george foreman grill for pannini style. A side of chips, we love Kettle brand or baked Cheetos.

Tuesday: Crock Pot Garlic Chicken with a side of mixed veggies (Green Giant Steamed Veggies)

Wednesday: Baked Tostatos with Grilled Chicken. I spray corn tortillas with cooking spray and cook on 400 for 5ish minutes until golden brown. I top with fat free refried beans, black beans, leftover chicken, lettuce and 2% shredded cheese. A little salsa to top it off.

Thursday: Soup Night. We each have our favorite canned soup. This is the only heavy processed meal we have. Still it's better than our old frozen pizza night. I love spaghetti O's!

Friday: Make Your Own Pizza. We use Flax-Seed Flat Bread and top with tomato sauce, 2% cheese and veggies. The kids still get peperoni's. With a side of salad.

Weight Loss Journey

I've got to tell you about our weight loss workout plan. P90X! I was up late with the baby and got sucked into an infomercial. They got me motivated. I even woke up Josh. We ordered it and all the expensive accessories. We put our gym memberships on hold.

In 3 weeks my husband has lost 13 pounds and gone down 2 holes in his belt loop. I've gotten back into my old jeans and clothes. I've lost 5 pounds and several inches around my waist. We've got 9 more weeks of the program. I can put on my old jeans they are tight and I have just a bit of a muffin top.

I'll show the before and after at the end of the program when I'm swimsuit ready.

I won't lie it's a pain to do. It takes almost 1 1/2 hours a day. We get up early and do it while the kids are sleeping. I also added a couple run days into the workout. I run 2 miles 2 times a week. I used to run a lot. It's a great stress reliever.

I'm crazy a newborn, P90X, no sleep and 4 kids!

Has anyone out their in blog land done P90X?


Tabi said...

I really want to, I just haven't bit the bullet and bought them yet, just doing my gym workouts, runs, and biggest loser videos but I really want to do that one! I hear so many talking about what a difference it's making for them!

Michelle said...

We are doing Insanity (also Team Beachbody) and LOVE it. Crazy intense cardio, but am seeing great results. The 90min time commitment of p90x scared me a bit, but I may give it a go sometime. Insanity is 40-60 min a workout. There isn't as much weight lifting in Insanity - no pull up bars or weights used. You do a lot, a lot of push ups and squats, so it is more plyometric (sp?) based. Good luck with your healthy living!! We don't eat much processed foods either, which is highly ironic considering my former career.....

Aimee said...

Wow, that's great! Chris lost about 30 lbs since lent just cutting out sugars and fats. I try to avoid trans fats and high fructose corn syrup too.

speaking of fats and sugars...the church switched to Krispy Kreme donuts for coffee and donuts! :) We sure miss seeing you guys there!

Dina said...

You are crazy, but way to go!

Sherry Drennan said...

Thanks for sharing your menu. I am also trying to cut out the HFCS and processed food. It's so hard as a fellow mom of 4 that works part time outside the home. Thanks for the ideas. I'll hope you'll continue to post them.