Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colic Fixes

I want to thank all you wonderful moms for the great info on your experience with colic. We spoke to the Dr and she thinks Caroline has a milk protein allergy. She's also had diarrhea like poop since she started formula. Sorry TMI. It has gotten worse the last week. So we switched her formula to Similac Allimentium. Nothing frugal about that pricey stuff.

We kept her on the Similac Sensitive formula for so long hoping her body would adjust since she kept growing and showed no signs of dehydration. Allimentium is one of those last resort formulas.

My Caroline is sleeping soundly in the swing right now. I'm getting some much needed chores done, and of course some blogging.

Let me share what worked for me:

  • Switching Formula
  • Water - Little Tummies Brand.
  • Swaddling tightly in the swing and bouncy seat.

  • Put her in the car seat to snuggle her up, and head out for a short drive. When we get home she will sleep and be content in the car seat.

  • Laying her on my legs and rubbing her back. Little baby massage, my girl is already spoiled.

  • Background noise. She immediately quiets when I vacuum. I also put music on in the house when she's fussy and she stops and listens. Her favorite is my New Kids on the Block - The Block CD. My guilty childish pleasure. I played and sang this in the car when I was pregnant.

The Result.....Ahhh peace and quiet Most of all a happy baby and mommy.

I am hoping to get back to frugal posting this week at least twice a week. Monday I will be back to Menu Monday.


Beth said...

I love that your baby girl responds to NKOTB! LOL Glad things are going much more smoothly at your house.

Michelle said...

Glad you've got some rest and a bit of order in your home. My kids weren't colic-y, so I didn't have any tips. We did use Happiest Baby on The Block 'tricks' on both of them from day one and I think that helped a lot. Hope you continue to have success.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

So glad to hear! I love gripe water too. Was going to post about that but by the time I actually got on the computer you'd posted this...oops. :) Hope y'all have a great week & you get some rest!

Murry Mayhem said...

I know your pain with the expense of that stuff! Caroline was on Enfamil's Nutramigen when I dried up. I cried tears of joy when we were done with that stuff!

Andrea said...

I just came across your blog and am going to add it to my reader list. Thanks!
I just thought I would share a little info. my Dr. shared with me years ago. I think she said around 90% of what we refer to as colic is actually reflux. If you baby has colic symptoms, it may be reflux, which can be easily treated with meds. My 2nd daughter had a minor case of reflux and the meds. were a quick, easy fix to her fussiness.