Friday, May 7, 2010

Potty Progress

Here's a picture to go with my potty training talk. This is her saying "I need to go potty".
Mothers appreciate this.
We made a big break yesterday in our quest to potty train. She actually told me she needed to go and went!! She's learned to hold it and go when she needs to. Not all over the place at any time.

Thank you all for your tips! Here is what I did:

  • She loves fruit roll ups so she gets a pinch off one when she goes potty. Love's that!

  • We bought new princess panties. She picked them out. Did you know on Tuesday I went through 10 pairs?

  • I told her she's going to be 3 and that's when their are no more pull-ups or diapers.

  • When we leave the house I put her panties under her pull-up so she can feel if she wets better. It works better.

  • We take a potty time break every 30 minutes.

  • When she goes on the potty we make lots of noise and celebrate. It's a big deal we shout around the house.

Next week we will venture out with no pull-ups......


Katie said...

Awesome! So glad to heard the underwear under the pull up worked! I'll have to make sure I tell my sister that it wasn't just with her daughter.

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

Venturing out without the Pull-Up safety net for the first time was nerve wracking - especially since I have two younger and RUNNING to the public restroom can be hard!

We're good to go now, but whew, I'm not ready for those nerves again!

Adrien P Maroney said...

That photo made my day! Your new camera does a great job:)

Nicole said...

Put a potty chair in the back of your van. We did that for months and it was a lifesaver.