Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Morning Sickness Stopper... giveaway!

CONGRATS and Thanks for all those who entered.
I am now 26 weeks pregnant and I still get morning sickness. When I saw a chance to review a product from Mom Select for morning sickness.

I jumped at the chance.
These little B-natal pops are great! I am wishing I'd had a box for the last 25 weeks.

This is a must have for all pregnant moms with sickness. Check out their website for more info and where to get them.

Any pregnant moms out there? Trying to get pregnant? Perhaps you have a friend who is expecting. What a gift!
Leave a comment below and I will select one person to receive a free package of B-natal TheraPops or lozenges.


melissa said...

Sign me up !

Heidi said...

My cousin is a nurse and she is having a terrible bout of morning sickness! I would love to give it to her. I'll send an email to her about it so she can try it. Thanks for sharing!

Jennjilla said...

Wow I would love to give those a try. I'm sick still at 14 weeks and it's making work difficult. Thanks for the head up on this awesome product!

Melissa said...

Yes, please!

Sammy said...

It's the year of babies, so many of my close friends are pregnant this year and this would be a great gift!