Friday, September 16, 2011

Bugs and Wildlife

Yipee I'm connected to the world! We just got our internet hooked up today.

Let me tell you this is a HUGE adjustment, nothing could have prepared me for the many differences of living in the country.

Scorpions, wild hogs, deer, skunks, snakes, and lots of bugs. Oh yeah and a 50 pound beehive in the roof. That's only the wildlife.

We've had many unexpected breaks and we are learning really quick how to take care of things ourselves or just call the warranty company (which gets nothing done).

The positives are great! Our kids love the new schools and are fitting right in. They are even riding the bus. I've met many wonderful people everyone is kind and slower paced. My anxiety has gone and has been replaced with a bit of loneliness but that will be soon fixed when I start the moms group next week.

I hope to upload some photos and get back to blogging soon. For now I'm filling all the cracks in the house and sealing up the doors to get rid of the stubborn scorpions. Apparently they are smart creatures and have evolved to be resistant to Terminex bug spray. Anyone have tips?

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all things girly said... you have those in your garage yet? get them at Ace or Lowes...there is also a spray that works pretty well! cant rememeber the name but will email it to you!