Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Family Addition

Since we're country folk now we had to get a dog.

Saturday we surprised Will for his upcoming birthday with a basset hound pup. He quickly named him Gus.

Madeline is loving Gus too.
I had to throw in a cute photo of Caroline. She's growing up so fast!

This is where Gus loves to relax next to the shrubs in the back. He perches up on the ledge and howls at the sky.

Our oldest Kate is enjoying Gus as well. She didn't have makeup on when I took photos so I was forbid from putting them on my blog.... teenagers.

On a different note we are so proud of her. She made the homecoming princess nominees. She was 1 of 10 out of a class of 500. Awesome for a new girl!! She found out today that she didn't make the top 2 for the award but we are thrilled with making the list. Let's just say she's adjusting very well!


Carrie said...

Gus is adorable and so are the kiddos :)

Jenny said...

Gus is precious! I've always wanted a hound dog named Murphy:) since we are out of the dog stage I'll just have to pet yours! The kidlets are adorable!

Dina said...

I'm so excited for Kate! That is great. And what a cute dog! Oh and the kids are cute too!

Tonja said...

I can't wait to move to the country so I can have lots of doggies runnin around.