Friday, August 26, 2011

Hellos and Good-Byes

This week we say Good- Bye to our city home Hello to our new home in the country
(Can you tell we like red brick?)

This week has been bitter sweet. It was the kids first week of school in our new district. Since we were still having work done to the house we drove the kids into school. On Tuesday I put 115 miles on my car!

The first day was filled with tears and wondering.... what have we done.

On Tuesday a bombshell was dropped. The sell of our home fell through the buyers had financing issues. Only 6 days before closing.....

We lowered the price of our house hoping for a quick sale. We've also listed it with a leasing company to have the option to just lease it out. Our realtor says we have a great rental market so we think that's what will happen. The positive is we get to keep the house.

Back to the kids..... day 2 was much better. Our oldest who's in 9th grade LOVES the new school. She's made friends quickly and likes it better. She's already joined several clubs and has made plans for her first sleepover and football game.

Our son is enjoying it. He started his new baseball team this week and has made fast friends.

Today, we say good bye to our old home and city. First thing in the morning the movers come to move us to the country.

I said bye to our wonderful next door neighbors. We've been pregnant together and both have 3 girls. Our evenings have consisted of riding bikes in the cul de sac and chatting as the sun goes down. They are also moving. I had my share of tears today.

We've really done it. We're moving.

Tonight is our last night in the house. That makes me very sad. It's been a wonderful home with so many memories.

I'll see you in a couple weeks after we've settled and I have my new Internet set up.

So long city living!


Milla & her mommy said...

I cannot wait to sit with you and drink sweet tea six months from now and say "see how it all worked out"... because it will! I have absolute faith that as much as I selfishly didn't want you to move, this was the right thing for your family and all the details will fall into place. I look forward to seeing the new house and maybe taking the girls to all the fun stores in Granbury that I still haven't made it out to! Enjoy the new house (and not having to commute next week)...

Tracy Suzanne said...

Best wishes in your beautiful new home Jen. I know it must seem daunting but thinking of all the great new blog post to come from all the fantastic projects you'll be doing. It's hard leaving the old behind but a wonderful new chapter is starting for your family!

Hugs...Tracy :)

Gauger Family said...

Love the new house. It's just beautiful. I am so sorry about your old house. That is my true nightmare. The exact same thing just happened to my friend at work. We are supposed to close on our house in 8 days. I am so hoping things work out. It's so scary. Good luck and can't wait to see what you do in the new house!!

Lisa said...

Change is hard! I hope a seller snatches up that city house so you can enjoy your new life in the country!

Kylee said...

Hope the move went well! What a big adjustment for the kids, but one that will hopefully be what is best for your family!
(I used to write the blog In My Life and have switched to a new blog over the past couple of months. I was reading an old post I wrote about foster care/adoption your name caught my eye in the comments. Thought I would pop over here and see how you're doing!)

ss fashion world said...

love your house :) it looks so cozy :)