Friday, November 19, 2010

What Time Is Your Thanksgiving Meal?

Thanksgiving is less than week away! Yippee!
I love, love, love to eat all the yummy comfort foods.
I need your input. We've had much debate around our home about what time the Thanksgiving meal should occur.

Growing up we had it mid-afternoon around 3ish. We pig out. The men would then watch the Dallas Cowboys game then hit some leftovers for later. Us women would head to Garden Ridge for their big 72 sale (back in the 90's).

So tell me what is your family tradition for the Thanksgiving meal. What time do you eat?


astrid said...

It changes every year. This year it is around 6ish.

Nicole said...

On holidays we always have a late, big breakfast. So, we plan to eat dinner between 3 and 4. That way it covers lunch and dinner. Then we just eat leftovers for snacks later in the night.

Tabi said...

We do it every year around 1, basically for the same reasons. We would eat and then watch football and woman always search all the black friday ads!

Grammy Goodwill said...

This year we'll eat around 1 to accommodate schedules. We're flexible so everyone can come.

Aimee said...

We eat around noon and then head out to the movies. Usually Disney has released one close to that time. This year we plan to see Tangled.

amwz photography said...

We celebrate on FRIDAY!! yep, you read that right!
We do go to my husband's family on Thursday and see a huge crew! But since being an Aggie my dad told me to follow the game and we would always celebrate on Friday. How cool was that? Well, when we all got married driving up and down I35 was not fun and to stuff yourself.. again.. not fun. So I talked to my siblings and Mom (Dad had died by the time we were all married) and decided we should go back to Friday. That way Mom could see all of us and we weren't rushing away to go somewhere else. Shopping can still occur if needbe but honestly, it is my favorite part- not rushing and truly loving every minute I spend with my family!!

Alicia said...

we always gather around noon and eat around 1pm. then after we play games, turn on the Cowboy game, and have dessert!