Monday, October 27, 2008

Motivating Mondays

Remember that "Want List" from last week.
  • Prioritize your list and estimate cost

  • Budget it in, don't just go and buy it, set up a savings account for big household purchases

  • Pass on the 0% interest credit cards for so many months offers to purchase it

  • Just try and pay cash for it don't charge it

Remember my items: Here is my plan

  • Haircut for me- well still hasn't happened. It is budgeted for next month I just need to commit to a style. I have long hair and want to cut it short. Any tips?

  • New winter clothes for me - well this is not budgeted in yet my husband and I are having discussions about the course of action. Basically I need a new wardrobe last year was post maternity. I do plan to get some new jeans I will have to blog on my personal site about my shopping trip I refuse to buy that size.

  • Granite counter tops- we have a home savings account that we deposit money into each month. We have a priority list of home projects. Unfortunately last month we had to replace the fence which too a huge amount away from my counter tops. So hopefully in the next year I will get them. But my husband also thinks he has some big items on that list like a man room

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