Monday, October 20, 2008

Motivating Mondays The "Want List"

We are going to start slow with being frugal. If you are new to this too much too fast will be overwhelming. I know it was for me. I want you to write down on a piece of paper or your blackberry (we will get to that later) a WANT list. Let's keep the list short the 3 most important things you think you want you probably think you need them. These would be things like a new purse, clothes, shoes or things that you think you must get and look great.

Here on Frugal Fabulous I am going to help you get things you really want but, we are going to get there a better way then just plopping down the credit card at the overpriced department store or boutique. I want to have nice things and live within my means and we will get you there too. It is all possible. We ALL have those wants for nice things and they motivate us to save or do more to get them. I will help you overcome the trap of buying them if you can't afford them.

Keep the WANT list handy and always in your purse we are going to address this list on MOTIVATING MONDAYS and have goals to get you there. Post a comment and tell me some of your wants.

Here are my 3 WANTS:

  1. Granite counter tops for my kitchen

  2. New winter clothes (jeans that fit)

  3. A new cute short hair cut.

    We are getting ourselves motivated by looking at our WANTS now we will get closer to getting them and getting them at the right time not being impulsive!
Tomorrow, I will post Tuesday Tips, a quick easy way to save money!


Alicia said...

My wants? Do I have to just pick 3?

1. Remodel Kitchen
2. New winter clothes (sweaters)
3. New boots

Frugal Fabulous Jen said...

My list could go on and on too!