Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to keep your house clean

I don't know about you but I love walking into my house when it's clean
With our busy lives and 4 soon to be 5 kids sometimes the only thing I feel in control of is the house.
Over the years we've debated and tried cleaning services.
For me I'm too picky when I'm paying hard earned money for someone else to clean.
Plus it takes the kids 5 minutes to tornado through the expensively clean house. Urgh... that's really makes me crazy.
So what do I do?
I have a realistic daily cleaning schedule a little bit at a time so I'm never overwhelmed and keep up with things each day. It's taken me 15 years as a mother to finally figure this out.

Let me share:

Monday: Oh how I love Mondays.

 The big kids are back in school and I have time to get things back in order.

Back to school daily tidy up: I do a quick walk through and place things that need to go upstairs in a basket next to the stairs for the girls. I do a quick vacuum and sweep of the downstairs.

Clean the kitchen sink with trusty comet

Clean the gas cook top and wipe off counters

Laundry duty of mine and my husbands clothes


Daily back to school tidy up

Boys Laundry

Tidy up son's room and vacuum (He is required to pick up his room Monday night before bed)


Daily back to school tidy up

Little girls laundry

Errand in town day. I try to coordinate trips in to Target or meet my husband for lunch.


Daily back to school tidy up

Wash rotation of bed sheets and bath towels

Clean bathrooms: wipe down counters, Windex windows, clean potty. I mop the floors every other week. I clean the floor bath mats once a month.

Tidy up and vacuum little girls room

Plan the meals for next week and make grocery list


Grocery store trip (I only go once a week and do a big purchase)

Tidy up and vacuum master bedroom


My oldest daughter is 15 and she cleans her room and does her laundry on Saturdays. The other kids do outside chores to help out. Sunday is our day off from cleaning. If we have any inside home projects that require my husbands handy help he does these during this time.

I never spend more than 2 hours a day cleaning. Some days are quicker than others. The key is to stick to the schedule so you are never so overwhelmed at your house doesn't get out of control... well most of the time.



April said...

I know I don't feel in control when my house is messy. Drives me batty.

CraftyWorld said...

I know that I am working on my routine. I have a 2yo and a 3 month old. Somedays it seems that my routine gets thrown off. Fussy baby, juice spilled on my nicely clean floors. But I too am trying to only spend about 2 hours a day cleaning. :)

Holly said...

I always enjoy your posts! I am curious to know what chores your kids have and how you monitor that. I am needing to tweek our method! thanks!