Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Call me old fashion

I took this photo straight out of my 15 year old daughters Seventeen magazine.
Did I buy it? Yes.

Did I read it first? No.

I only found out because of my open and honest relationship with my daughter. She brought the magazine to me saying "see this is why my friends are on the pill".
Here's a quote
"Birth control methods are like jeans: You may need to try a few on before finding a perfect fit. These girls love theirs!"
What? Are you kidding me comparing birth control to jeans.

Look at the other headline "Sex will be better if you use it"
The target audience for this magazine is 13 to 18.
This is not ok with me a mother of 3 girls.

New research is showing that taking the "pill" for long periods can destroy fertility. All I can say is SCARY!!!
Are you going to teach her morals or is Seventeen magazine?

I didn't know this article was in the magazine. The cover looks great with makeup tips and all about The Hunger Games.

Hidden inside is a message to our very impressionable young girls, it's ok to be promiscuous and you can get the pill without your parents knowing. What's next a guide to abortion?
I was reminded once again today, we have to be aware and downright snoopy when it's come to our children.
There are many wolves in sheep's clothing easily luring our children into making poor decisions.
We have been in trusted with these children and we are to teach them the moral compass.
My biggest advice after getting pregnant at 19 is talk to your daughter. Don't be naive, they know more than you think. The internet is littered with filth your children can easily see. Music videos, TV shows... the list goes on and on.
 She will listen all you have to do is have a relationship where you can discuss sex openly and honestly.


leslie maxwell said...

Wow! This is very scary. We are certainly at war with society

Amanda said...

I use to read 17 as a teenager but that is an outrage. I can't believe that is even in print- what a way to give young girls the wrong idea!

Tonja said...

This makes me so glad that I have two little boys... but extremely nervous that this is the kind of stuff girls will be reading.

Anonymous said...

Forty-two years ago Glamour magazine convinced me that everyone was "doing it" ~ so I did, too. My parents were very strict with me, but they just didn't talk openly to me. Good for you for having an open relationship with your daughter.

Jennjilla said...

That is crazy. What happened to makeup tips and 383882 pictures of the latest hot guy? I'm not naive and I was actually put on the pill at a young age due to horrendous AF's, but it was with my parents knowledge and permission. I do wonder now if that is what caused my fertility issues as an adult, though. :/.

Ashlee McCrary said...

I completely agree. Put that in cosmo, not something with TEEN on the cover!

Anonymous said...

Wow- the first section comment "No One Will Ever Know I'm On it" by a girl with an intrauterine device is from a 13 YEAR OLD.

Katie said...

what has happened to our culture - i am sooo sick of it! people have to start speaking up! If anyone sees my comment a group called One Million Moms speaks up for the Christian culture and morals - join them so our voices can be "heard" - (they mostly deal with TV programming/ads)
Thanks for this post though - I did not even think about this - only Catholic/Christian mags for us now I guess!