Monday, October 31, 2011

New Look

What is frugal living?

To me it's living within or below your means.

All of our means are different and with time it changes. We've had our ups and downs financially as most families do.

As you can tell our family has had some major changes. We recently bought our dream home and property.

Without frugal living for many years it wouldn't have been possible.

It's important to make goals and know where your headed. For our family a country home was important. We scrimped and saved and did it with a lot of hard work and saving.

I've had people say you can't be frugal Jen living in that house.

My answer, yes I can. I'm still as frugal as ever. I'd love to decorate the house immediately with all new things but I can't.

We live on a strict budget and we don't live beyond our means.

Frugal is a way of life. You can make it drab and boring or your can make it fabulous and an adventure.

Cheers to new adventures!


Amy said...

Thats awesome!!! Good for you guys and good for you to be such an encouragement to others trying to live frugal!!

"Say What?" said...

Good for you! We are always going to have nay-sayers, but I love that you are showing the effects of frugal living. God is so good, isn't He?

Tonja said...

Love the new look! Your my inspiration for living on a strict budget so I can achieve (sp?) my dreams :))

Rita said...

My sentiments exactly!! Good for you!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Sure you can be frugal and live in a nice house. It's a mind set. Enjoy your new house.

Jenny said...

Have I told you lately how much I miss you?!!! Got yr Calicut it was a horrific week where avoiding everyone was just a good idea:) talk to yu soon!

Aimee said...

Like the new blog look!