Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reflux Resolved!!!!

Thanks for the ideas a while back for Caroline's reflux. Let me tell you this experience for the last 9 months has been difficult. It's hard as a parent when your baby cries a lot and you can't fix it.

Well we made it through!! Fingers crossed it's over...

The Dr put her on prevacid. They suggested that 6 months ago but I resisted the meds.

It took about 1 week to start working.

We also switched her formula from Similac Sensitive to Similac Sensitive R.S. for spit ups.

The result 2 weeks later I have a new child. She's happy and she's eating very well.

In 1 week her personality has completely changed. She's laughing and babbling so much. She's a happy baby just like her siblings.

Before we didn't have much tummy time or sitting time because she would barf all over the place each time she was sat up. She's making up for lost time she will sit for an hour an play with toys on the floor just as content as can be.

I feel like I can get my life back under control. I can get back to projects, frugal shopping, and most of all sanity!!


Holly said...

We battled Reflux a long time with Caleb. It is exhausting to say the least. I think I lost part of my memory during that time. Glad it sounds like it is resolved. That is the same medicine that worked for Caleb!

Jenny said...

prevacid worked MIRACLES for both the kidlets....i wouldn't have made it through without it!