Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Growing Up

I can't believe it my little Caroline is almost 9 months old. Where has time gone? She's still a mini version of Madeline. Those little girls get to giggling it's so funny. Caroline already looks up to Madeline. Then we call Kate, Mommy 2.

It's wonderful having a 14 year old who loves to help.

Lot's going on with us..... actually coming up.....

We've been circulating and sharing a wonderful stomach bug. I haven't been that sick in years. Thankfully mine was 24 hours.

We've discovered that Caroline has reflux. She's had tummy problems since birth. Recently it's gotten worse and we're trying some meds. Anyone have experience with GERD or Reflux? I need some tips this is new to me.


Crazy Me said...

She is gorgeous! Sorry you guys have been so sick!

Nicole said...

Is it possible she has a milk protein allergy? Both E and B had those and B still has tummy problems. Switching both of them to soy helped. With B, she's taken Maalox since she was an infant .. the adult version. She still gets tummy aches and the Maalox instantly calms it down. She seems to be much better, less gassy, since we put her on Lactose Free milk and started limited her other dairies.

Aimee said...

Love that photo! The docs THOUGHT claire had reflux when she was a baby. I do know I wouldn't give her the drug reglan....lots of serious side effects. They wanted us to give it to Claire and we refused.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the milk protein allergy. Also she could have trouble digesting some of the other proteins in formula. Zara had problems with this when she was a baby. We had to put her on a special formula that contained a different digested form of the protein. If you suspect an allergy, I was told to avoid the soy formulas due to the processing involved and the hormone levels with girls. Zowey is allergic to milk and the Dr. has us avoid all soy alternative due to this, the hormones play with girls systems too much. If you need I can look up the formula that we had to switch Zara too.


Lindsay said...

My second son had reflux soooo bad, he was such a fussy baby, and it turns out it was because his little esophagus was so irritated. We put him on baby zantac and within days he was so much better. By the time he was a year we were able to get him off the meds.

One of the keys though was to put phone books - do they even still make those? Ha! - under the head end of his crib, so that he slept on kind of an incline. It helped keep the acids down naturally overnight and really kept him from hurting.

Lots of luck, it's terrible to know your little baby is in so much pain!