Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Frugal Date - Wine Wednesdsay

My husband and I have a standing date each Wednesday.

We call it "Wine Wednesday".

With 4 kids it's impossible to meet for a date to share conversation and wine. We have a local wine bar we love so we recreate it at home.

At 5:30 sharp the kids head to the living room. We make them a batch of popcorn and put in a favorite movie. They look forward to a mid week treat. My husband and I relax in the study for our date.

Each week we pick out a new wine to try. I take a trip to a specialty grocer and pick out a coordinating cheese to try. I make a fancy cheese and fruit tray to share.

We have a glass, talk and just reconnect. So much of our daily life we pass each other by. This day we both look forward to. I think alone time with your spouse is key to a lasting and fruitful marriage.

For dinner I make a casserole and throw in the oven early and pull out for us to enjoy around 7:00.

Our wine dates at home cost at most $20 (we get the cheap wines). Our favorite wine bar runs $75 for the same experience.

It's truly frugal and fabulous!

(If your not a wine drinker how about lemonade and a fruit tray. The key is quiet time to talk and relax.)


Nicole said...

Great idea! I've always WANTED to be a wine drinker. And we CERTAINLY meet each other coming and going! Wednesday nights are Fend For Yourself, as far as dinner goes, so it would be something easy to do. The little kids love to spend time with Dawson upstairs, so we could certainly pull this off.

We make a point to have donuts and chocolate milk on Sunday mornings. We should definitely make this a priority.


Tonja said...

Love that idea! But my husband does not drink...hmm...I can still drink wine right? :)

Q said...

Just found this through a reader of a reader of yours. What a fabulous idea! If you get enough interest you may want to run a linky so people can share their wine/cheese matches, or simple appetizer recipes.