Monday, February 22, 2010

Purses got me thinking....

The kids and I took a trip to the mall last week. I remember why I don't go to the mall.... I want to buy everything! If you don't remember I am a recovering shopaholic, hence the frugal Jen now.

My main addiction is to bags. I love purses! I started this love at a young age when my mom got me my first Dooney & Burke for my 14th birthday. I spent many years over indulging in expensive bags.

Then..... I got married and had kids. My bags of choice now are from Ross, TJ Maxx and Kohl's.

I regressed when I entered the Coach store. Let me share what I saw.... This bling machine bag only $548. Doesn't it scream summer time is coming?

Nice classic black. Even has room for sippy cups on the side. $278.

This was my fave it was coated in this special plastic stuff perfect for a new diaper bag for the new addition. $248.

If I could indulge my soon to be 13 year old in a birthday present of choice I would get her this cute bag. $198.

Now let me tell you my story. I had the plastic coated bag at the counter ready to purchase. Really I was just going to do it and not think twice. I deserve it right? Everyone else around me spends big why can't I. Wrong, Will accidentally knocked over the stroller and sent my diet coke on to the floor. It was a sign back to reality Jen.

I embarrassingly cleaned up and hurried out the door and said "I'll think about it". Think about it I did.... all night long. I wanted it badly.

The next morning I went to my church's moms group still thinking about the purse. Of course it seems like every women in there had a Coach purse. That's all I was thinking about.

We had a nun speaker who lived in Africa for 40 years and witnessed the genocide in Rowanda. This women also grew up in the great depression lost both parents and had a hard life. She also was one of the most inspiring and happy women I've met. She was happy with the spiritual gifts not the material ones. Talk about life changing, wow I felt so shallow for wanting a dumb purse.

Greed is an appetite that will never be filled. So simple yet profound.

Only God can use a purse to get me thinking about the spiritual gifts I need and pray to receive. I am in no means close to the women God wants me to be. Those of you who know me in real life can attest to that. I am trying to do the best I can but honestly it's so hard in a world surrounded by material gifts. We all just want more and hope that next "more" will fulfill us.

Do you struggle with wanting "more" too?


Brandi said...

Yes, I am always wanting something new. Especially for my daughter. I'm always wanting her to have the cutest's sick. Now, I honestly have to remind myself every day that she doensn't need a thing. It's hard but I'm getting better. I totally understand how you feel.

Murry Mayhem said...

Guilty! Very guilty! I have splurged a lot lately! Got a new Brighton bag and sunglasses...bad mommy! And then there was just some of the cutest dresses in Gap Kids...I did however refrain from buying the Coach bag that I wanted...which was 378...but I ended up spending more than that on all the other things I "had" to get.

This is one of the things I honestly pray about every.single.night! I pray for God to give me the strength to resist buying. It's just so hard when I have the money, we don't do credit either. So when it's just sitting there....soooo tempting.

Trina said...

Yes! For me it's jewelry. I love it, love it, love it! In fact I just ordered myself a Zultanite ring because it was such a terrific price but I still shouldn't have spent the money, it was such an impulsive buy. I feel like if it's not putting us in debt it's ok. But there is still the issue that I need to be content with what I have.

Great post.

emilypfaff said...

I struggle too Jen. I was just telling my hubby I was jealous of the house I am about to list. I should be content and extremely grateful for what I have. I need to focus on my "haves" and not my "have nots."

Lindsay said...

YES! What a wonderful post!!! It's so hard to give in to the temptation - especially when we try so hard to save on every little thing. Good for you Jen!

Jennjilla said...

Gosh, I totally just bought a Coach purse a few weeks ago-my first splurge in three years! Did I need it, nah. But I saved and worked hard over Christmas to hit my bonus so I felt ok buying it. It is totally materialistic of me to justify it by saying "my job requires me to have a certain image" but it really does and I finally caved. Having children changes you - I will spare no expense to make my kiddo happy but when it comes to everything, including me, I put it all on the back burner. It's crazy how fast your priorities can shift! And temptation is around every corner and in the form of cute, shiny things such as purses and can wear you out!

Kari Heatherly said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know you from adam and can't honestly remember how I came to find your blog that I've followed in these past weeks but you and I are sharing the same boat! My husband, 2 year old son, and I just moved to McKinney, TX and purchased a perfectly lovely home about 4 months ago - a home that is larger, newer, nicer than our previous home that was on the market and sold in 2 days for our asking price. I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination with a baby girl on the way (due in May), a healthy son, a loving husband, an amazing job, and yet all weekend long I complained about wanting a bigger home.."the dream home"..the one your friends drive up to and say "wow, they live here?" While other people have nothing compared to what I have been blessed with, I continue to want thank you for the reminder and the encouragement that I'm not alone! :-)

Camily said...

Oh Jen, I hear you! It is so hard. Especially when everything is so cute, and then you do look around and see that everyone else has what you want. Until you realize that they truly don't. I try to remember how blessed I am to have my family, and that our needs are bigger than my current wants. But man, it's hard.
I have to tell you, though. I thought about you while shopping at Target the other day. There was a woman in front of me whose total was $303. She pulled out her coupons and ended up paying $126!!!! I was AMAZED! Then I had to look and see if it was YOU! Ha!

Beth said...

I was thining about you the other day. Hope you are well? I am guilty of being jealous of other people who have nicer clothes, bigger houses filled w/fancy furniture, and drive a luxury car. I have to stop and ask myself would I still be who I am if I had all that stuff? Or would it just create an enviornment to want more?

Jamie said...

Jen, what an awesome post! It is so true... I am also a recovering shopaholic... sounds funny right! anyway I am constantly in battle with myself over what I want and what everyone else has! Every other week when I attend my church mops group I am reminded of what it is all really about... and it's not shopping and stuff! Girlfriend we've got some work set out in front of us to resist the urge to spend uselessly to portray an image... and what image really?
Good luck to you and I will add that also to my long list of prayers!

Connie said... your blog and love this post...I was thinking today that I need to go out and get something...and I really don't need anything. I did splurge the other day on a purse from of all places Kohl''s yellow and I love it for only $50 on sale. The only Coach purse I own is one I bought from a street vendor in New York..$40!!! So good for you...and thanks for the reminder that our joy should not be in material possessions.


Brandi said...

Yes! It can be really difficult to appreciate the things that I already have and much more difficult to want what everyone else has! That bratty side tends to come out every blue moon and I'm a not a teenager anymore :) Talking to my husband and close friends help me realize all that I have and how thankful I need to be. I just need a little reminder every so often. Love your blog! Congrats on the little one growing in your belly :)