Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Living Room Turned Dining?

We've been in our home almost a year. For the last year this room has sat exactly like this... empty.

This is the view right when you walk in the front door.

We've had 2 designers out to help us design the space. Lot's of $$ and we are not "formal" people. Remember we have 4 kids and another on the way.
I'm looking for functional.
Early this morning at 5:30 am it hit me.
Make it the dining room and turn the dining room into a little cozy piano and wine room.

This is our current dining room.

My thought:
Raise the chandy up.
Put my childhood piano in front of the windows
Add a couple club chairs and a side table

A nice room to chill in.

I look forward to resuming my Wine Wednesday's with my husband after the baby arrives.

Am I crazy or will this work?


Carrie said...

I love that idea!

ASC said...

A wonderful idea - just be careful putting a piano against a window - pianos usually "prefer" to be on in interior wall to protect them from temperature changes. BUT, I love the idea of a "wine and piano room" - and who wouldn't love having a fireplace in a dining room! Win-win-win all the way around!

shermika said...

what color are your walls in this room? I love em

Amy said...

I love this idea. But I would try to put the piano on an interior wall if possible, and put the chairs in front of the window. It would be nice to have a separate part of your home for wine Wednesday - something that makes you feel like you are almost not at home. Do it!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home! I think all your ideas could work nicely. Very nice space.

Hyphen Interiors said...

Love this idea! Those formal spaces are not often truly used, so the trend is to turn them into something useful like an office or wine room. I would also check on the possible issues with the piano being by the window, but if that is cool, then it's a neat plan!