Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Up

I'm very MIA in the blog world.

Nothing exciting except my day to day routine managing a household and 4 kids.

Life's busy to say the least!

I don't have any photos, I haven't uploaded them to my camera in a couple months.

We are all doing well, each day we feel more apart of our new community.

I'm leading my church mom's group, a school 5k race rep, and leading the charge for a drill team in our new hometown.

I had a very hard time adjusting and meeting people so I decided to jump in with both feet.

It's paid off and I'm finally meeting some great people.

Our pond is still full. We had 2,ooo fish delivered to stock it.

Our dream of fishing in our backyard is coming true! I've gotta take some photos!

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