Thursday, March 31, 2011

Smells like cake!

Nothing smells better than baking at home. However, my waist doesn't allow cake each week.

I was blog browsing last week and came across this.

For a while I've been wanting a scentsy warmer, but just never got around to getting one.

Well leave it to Wally World to make a knock off. Here's my faux scentsy warmer. It was $15 and the bricks are $2 each. It makes my house smells as if I I made this..... (cake for my dear friends baby shower) and this..... (cake for my oldest daughters birthday)
YUM!!! If you know me in real life I'm a bakery girl.

Why doesn't the cake smell stop my cake cravings????


Gauger Family said...

Thanks for the tip! I should get one too for our house to smell good. Any new action on your house? We got told we are 'on their list' but we've heard that before.

Tonja said...

Thank you so much for letting us all know. I spent out the rear for my Scentsy warmer and scents. And they are almost gone. I so needed new fragrences and now I am going to WalMart ASAP! you rock!

Alicia said...

hahaha! I just bought that scent warmer over the weekend!!! Too funny!