Friday, August 13, 2010


Wow, has my life changed with 4 kids. I completely enjoy them all. However it's very demanding of my time to make sure each child is given enough attention. We have one week left of summer. I plan on spending time with them.

Which leads me to... I'm taking a break from the computer, phones, play dates and extra outtings. I'm exhausted and once the kids are back in school I plan to hang out at home except for Madeline's dance and gymnastics class.

Why? Well yesterday we had Caroline's 2 week check up. She's doing great, she's back to her birth weight. The bad news... she's high at risk for RSV. We are working on getting her the shot but we aren't sure insurance will cover it. So in the meantime we are hanging out at home. No one other than immediate family will be able to hold her and we have to limit her exposure to other children.

So my blog friends and in real life friends, please be patient with me I will be back to the old Jen shortly. But now I've got to focus on the kids and the family.

Anyone know more about RSV? This is all new to me.

One more thing. The best way to get a hold of me is by email. I will be checking my email a couple times a day.

See you soon!


Katie said...

I love It is a wealth of information

Jenny said...

My son had RSV last year. It was miserable. He had to have round the clock breathing treatments for about 2 weeks.
If you have any questions or want to know any specifics, just let me know!

Milla & her mommy said...

I know Kelly's Korner had to get the RSV shot for Harper. Even if insurance doesn't cover it I would fight for it because she is going to get exposed to SO much through the kids! Especially with the start of the school year, dance & gymnastics. Hang in there my friend! We understand.

Holly Bailey said...

My daughter had it when she was 2 1/2 months old and she caught it from my mother-in-law who had a common cold. Make sure that your other kids have all of their immunizations, they wash their hands often and they change their clothes when they get home from school. My doctor also had us start taking off our shoes at the door to reduce the amount of germs we brought in on our shoes. I also agree that you should fight to get the RSV shot because we were waiting for our insurance to approve it and we got it. You will be fine just try to get the shot!

Elizabeth said...

I have twins born at 33 weeks and we didn't get approved for it! I hope you have better luck. Just keep that baby in! that is what we did. it stinks they don't give it to everyone!

Melanie said...

Congrats on the new little one. I have been away from the internet for much of July & August so I am out of the loop. Real life got in the way and so I am trying to catch up.

She is beautiful and I am glad that all turned out well. Rest up and we will be here when you return.

taylorchrisie said...

My daughter was born at 29 weeks and she got the shots from October of 07 to April of 08. Synagis doesn't prevent you from getting RSV, it just helps lessen the severity if you do get it. If the insurance denies it keep appealing. Make sure the Dr. includes in the request to your insurance the fact that you have 3 other children who are in school/activities and around other kids constantly. The more exposures the child has the more likley insurance is to approve it, so make sure you think of every possible exposure she may have and list it on the request for coverage. My daughter had no exposures (we lived like hermits) but she was approved based on her birth weight and gestational age alone. Good luck!

Becky Long said...

My son had RSV twice when he was a baby. The first time he was 5 months old and was hospitalized for a week. It wasn't pretty watching him with oxygen and tests. He had so much mucus inside his little body from it that they had to deep suctioned him out often and then tested him for cystic fybrosis. It was scary but the doctors know what to do for them for comfort.. for both parent and child. He did end up developing asthma from this. The doctor said a certain percentage of kids that have RSV later develop asthma because it's damaging to their lungs. Then when he was a year old he developed RSV a second time but they say that the second time is just a small case if they had it bad the 1st time.

I don't blame you. I would be staying home too. Good luck with everything.

Kristin said...

My son had RSV, not to scare you, but he almost died from it. He was a 6 week preemie and wasn't even to his original due date when he got sick. He developed a cough that my dr said was just embryonic fluid, I took him to a WIC appt later that day and she told me to demand an xray at the hospital, so I did and it was RSV. He quit breathing on his own by that evening and had to be intebated. He was in the hospital for 4 weeks battling this, and when he got out I had to battle insurance to cover the shot for him also. I got several no's before they finally agreed even after his hospital stay. Do not mess around with RSV, it is very serious. Get the shot and keep all visitors at bay.