Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Sewing

My little miss just can't have enough clothes! I have so much fun dressing up my little girl.
I recently got my sewing machine fixed, finally it was broken for a year. Remember last time I did a sewing project.... April 2009.

I tried my handy work to make my first skirt. Guess what? It worked and I love it!

It was super easy. I added some crosses to a hand me down shirt with scrap fabric. The whole project.... FREE! Little Miss and her buddy Jacob. His mom sews appliques on his shirts too.
Next time I make a skirt I will take photos of each step. I'm getting my sewing machine set up on a desk so I can sew while on bed rest. My DR says it's ok for me to sit up.
I am linking up to DIY Project Showoff Parade.
This is one of my favorite blogs! Visit if you love DIY and projects.


Milla & her mommy said...

Super cute! Love the skirt!

Milla & her mommy said...

Ok I'm starting to obsess about the skirt... did you use a pattern or freehand it? I love that it's a-lined!

Ashley said...

What a great blog!!!I just got a first sewing machine (well its on layaway until Aug.. LOL) but after that I am SUPER excited to learn how to use it!

I cannot wait to learn how to sew on appliques!!! Love the post! Thank you for sharing!

Murry Mayhem said...

Love it! Great hurry up and show me how to do it! LOL!

Katie said...

Wow, that skirt turned out super cute!!