Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning Family Challenge! Wanna Join?

These two photos have nothing to do with my post I just had to share. My son Will had his first t-ball game on Saturday. I just have to brag.
Here he is about to make his first run! He's got his own little jersey with his name.... so cute!!!
Our Saturdays morning are now filled with the joy of baseball games. Love it!!

OK on to my post....

As you can tell I adore my children, every one of them. Let me tell you as a mom of 3 almost 4 that it is very easy to spoil them with too many toys.

We never miss a kids meal because we've got to get that cheap toy. Just to see the joy on the kids face. You know I love garage sales so do my kids. They get toys every trip too.

So what's the problem??? Well, the toys have taken over our house and our children's mind.

My children now think anywhere we go they are entitled to a toy and we have some major fits when they don't purchase something. (Excluding Kate she's grown out of this, she just has her teenage drama)

I am finding myself getting upset with the kids because they cannot pick up their rooms and the playroom correctly. I have toys hidden everywhere. I almost fell down the stairs the other day because a toy was on a step.

At the peak of my frustration I went to my moms group yesterday and thank you God our speaker was on homemaking. She talked about this very thing!! Really she did! Just when I was about to loose it.

So we are on declutter and toy thinning at our house. We aren't going to be mean and just throw things out or donate all to Goodwill we are going to use this as a learning experience for the kids.

Let me share our plan. Phase 1 Giving to those in need.

  1. The first phase is each of the children picking out 5 nice working and clean toys.
  2. We will donate these "special" toys to the local children's hospital. Each floor has a playroom for the sick kids. They get their toys by donation only.
  3. We will visit the hospital (my mother in law is a nurse at). We will get a special tour and drop off the toys. The kids will see first hand children with cancer and other conditions.
  4. We are cleaning out the kids clothes and taking out clothes that don't fit and bagging them up for our friends.
  5. We've been very lucky to get nice hand me downs so we will not sell the clothes we will pass them along to our littler friends.

My hope is this will be a positive experience and help my kids let go of some of the greed for material possessions. I struggle with this as an adult I hope to help them in their journey early.

Phase 2: Money is a Motivator.

  1. Huge garage sale in April.
  2. We will lead my example and also declutter items in the house. Ex: extra tv's, kitchen gadgets, clothes, purses, etc.
  3. My hope is the children will pick out the toys that mean the most to them to keep. That way they can really enjoy the toys.
  4. We will discuss as a family what we will use the money from the garage sale for. Maybe a special summer trip or visit to Six Flags.
I will be blogging about our journey toward Less is More. I will be showing real photos mess and all. Anyone else want to join along?

Are you ready?
(Deep Sigh)
So am I.


Casi said...

Love it! Looking forward to following your journey :-)

Trina said...

Good luck! Mine share a room and have no playroom so keeping toys to a minimum is ESSENTIAL.

Lindsay said...

I'm not sure I could show pics of our cluttered toy room, but I am going to join the journey, too :)

Jenny said...

This might be a bandwagon I can hop on...hmmm what a brilliant idea! Thanks J:)